Name: Tre’ Hobbs
School: Dakota Wesleyan University
Position: Wide Receiver/Kick Returner
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 180

Q: What were some of your goals heading into your final collegiate season?

My first goal was to make sure I prepared myself mentally and physically to be a threat to anyone covering me. Secondly, to become one of the leading receivers on the team. Lastly, I wanted to do whatever I needed to put my team in a position to win.

Q: If you could describe your style of play in 3 words, what would they be?

I would describe my play style as fast, explosive, and hungry.

Q: How will you train and prepare this offseason for the draft or other pro opportunities?

This offseason, I plan on doing a lot of explosive training, things that will help improve my overall explosiveness. I’ll also do a lot of hand-eye coordination drills to help make those difficult catches a lot easier. Next, is changing the things that I eat. Diet is very important in this process.

Q: When you are studying film, what do you focus on or look for?

When watching film, I pay attention to the DB’s tendencies. Does he align a certain way when he’s in certain coverages. What does he do well and where are his weaknesses.

Q: What separates you from the other players at your position?

I’m mentally tough. I don’t let the pressures of the game throw me off of my game. I am also very competitive and willing to do whatever for the team to get the win.

Q: What kind of strengths and abilities will you bring to a team that will stand out both on and off the field?

I am able to read the coverage and find the open space on the field. I can also create space between me and the defender to put myself in position to catch the ball. I can turn a simple slant route into a touchdown. Off the field, I can handle myself professionally when it comes to handling the media and everyday people. Also, I like to get involved in community services around my area.

Q: What is your final pitch or sell to NFL and other pro league scouts?

If given the opportunity to play for a team, you’ll be getting a very hungry and experienced player. I’m willing to do whatever I need to do to help the team get a win, wether it’s on Special Teams or at Wide Receiver. I am willing to get my hands dirty and do the things other players don’t want to do.