“Gridiron Crew was a reliable asset for us to find talent in our march to the playoffs in 2023. Great communicators and hard workers.” – Coach Cedric Walker, Gillette Mustangs

“You all gave me my first opportunity. You gave me a voice and a platform when no one else did. You helped get my story out which ushered in many different scouts CFL and NFL. This website is one of a kind in the fact it truly leaves no stone unturned in finding those diamonds in the rough. Thank you.” – Jordan Holland, San Francisco 49ers

“Just wanted you to know you’re incredible work in shouting out small school players has resulted in Anthony Gaffney being invited to the Eagles camp!” – Mikhaile Savary, Esq

“I signed with James Durkin and NA3Sports! Thanks again for your help, would be agent-less without you!” – Niko Mermigas, Dartmouth Alum

“Ever since our interview I’ve gotten texts and emails from NFL teams. Very helpful!” – Cy Sirmon, Montana Alum

“I just want to say thank you again because of this interview, I’m going to the NSC Combine out in Indianapolis. Truly can’t thank you enough, this was a blessing.” -Thomas Pellegrino, Kutztown Alum

“I have gotten a pro day and the combine since your interview! I want to take the time to thank you for the start! If it was not for you I wouldn’t be where I am today! I appreciate it and will not forget you guys gave me the jump I was looking for!” – Derrick Curtis, Nebraska Wesleyan Alum

“First, I want to say thank for your support during my long process of trying to go pro playing football. I really appreciate what you did for me. You helped me gain recognition from people all over. You’re truly a blessing to small time players like me with big dreams.” – Mike Wynn Jr, Lakeland Alum and European Pro Footballer

“Your article was super helpful in the process and I was contacted (Iowa Barnstormers) quickly after you completed it.” – Joe Bastante, Stonehill Alum

“I think you guys do a great job highlighting your interviewees and helping to get their name out!” – Jack Sorenson, Miami Alum

“I can’t thank you enough what you are doing will help change lives” – Jeremiah Nelson, Kutztown Alum

“All us small school guys really appreciate the work you do for us for real” -Matthew DeBlaiso, Morehead State Alum

“Thank you for taking the time out to interview me, wonderful experience.” – Traveion Webster, Louisiana Monroe Alum

“Just signed my contract with the Bendigo Dragons in Australia. Thank y’all for y’all support and helping to get my name out” – Mario Eduardo Najera Jr, MVU Alum

“You run a very professional process and I know it’ll turn big one day” – Dylan McCarthy, Saint Mary Alum

“The Gridiron Crew was absolutely instrumental in my transition from a college football player to becoming a professional. The pre-draft interview I did with them set in motion a series of events helping me get my foot in the door with professional organizations and ultimately led me to signing my first professional contract in Europe. I have since gone on to play Arena Football, with the Spring League and most recently in Mexico. I cannot say enough positive things about them and how important they have been to my football career.” -Oscar Scott, Bydgoszcz Archers – Poland, Blues – TSL, Salina Liberty – CIF, Corpus Christi Tritons – AIF

“Trust me, you are a real one. I wish there was a way I can repay you. You are a great guy, that is going to go far. All I needed was an opportunity and you gave it to me.” – Wyatt French, North Carolina Wesleyan Alum

“I appreciate you doing this, and your work to help small school guys. It’s awesome to see a website like yours spend time doing this. It’s greatly appreciated.” – Shane Fudge, Arizona Christian Alum

“I appreciate you taking the time do this for not only me but all football players who don’t get enough exposure.” – Timel Benton, Gallaudet Alum

“I signed with the Düsseldorf Bulldozer, thank you for the interview, it helped me big time” – Michael Bethune Jr, Dean Alum

“It’s so hard to find people that genuinely care for guys like myself, who don’t really get the exposure and recognition that we deserve. I think I can speak on behalf of all us when I say that we can’t thank you enough!” – Lamont Crittendon, Murray State Alum and Germany Pro Football Player

“Just wanted to say thanks to you guys for the great work you do. As an update, I’m signed in the CFL with the Ottawa Redblacks. Keep up the great work for the little guys!” – Armando Bonheur, Samford Alum, New York Giants, Ottawa Redblacks

“You have a good following on your page. People respect it enough to ask your opinion on players and read your articles. Keep doing it, you never know what could happen with this kind of stuff. Like you said you’re helping people out, that’s rewarding.” – Dillon Salva, Merrimack Alum and Washington Redskins

“It’s people like you that help the underrated people get seen so it means a lot!” – Tyler Vargas, Eastern New Mexico Alum

“You do a lot to help athletes and I’m grateful for this opportunity.” – Joe Blitstein, UW-Oshkosh Alum

“I really appreciate you taking the time to show love and highlight on the smaller guys!” -Javon Frazier, Virginia State Alum

“It’s good how you’re helping all of us prospects get more exposure. If no one told you, I want to tell you thank you.” Joseph Marshall, Urbana Alum

“Appreciate everything you do for me and others, it means a lot to all of us” – DL Knock, Ohio Alum

I appreciate you and your staff from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity. When I make it I won’t forget. Thanks for taking your time out for me.” – Jordan Burney, West Chester Alum

“Just wanted to say I appreciate you and other accounts like yourself. There is a lot of talent on the other end of the spectrum with small school players and I appreciate you giving guys opportunities to get noticed.” – Edwin Velasquez Jr, Baldwin Wallace Alum

“You’re doing a great thing helping us prospects, much appreciated” – Andrew Trainer, William & Mary Alum

“You’re a true blessing with your goal to help out diamonds in the rough like myself! I’m also grateful for you and you’re efforts.” – Sean Kelley Jr, Tabor Alum

“If it wasn’t for guys like you, small schoolers like me wouldn’t have a chance.” – Rashaad Miller, Benedict Alum

“You guys have been a blessing throughout my journey with the interviews and help!” Nick Holshoe, Concordia Ann Arbor Alum and Italian Pro Football Player

“I respect what you guys do, trying to get exposure to guys who deserve it, so thank you from all of us.” – Connor Iwema, Southern Illinois Alum

“I appreciate what you do for the football community, especially the smaller, lesser known guys trying to make it.” – Christian Kapp, RPI Alum

“Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate what you’re doing for the guys from the smaller schools!” – Kahlil Dawson, Portland State Alum

“Thank you Gridiron Crew for choosing me for the interview process. Beyond grateful for the opportunity to be featured on the website.” – CJ Thompson, Wilmington Alum

“Thanks man, I appreciate this a lot. It’s awesome that you help guys out like this. I just got a CFL workout lined up today too. I appreciate everything.” – Andrew Bonfiglio, Trine Alum

“This is some amazing work for a bunch of underdog kids trying to make it!” – Jarel Elder, West Chester Alum

“Being a member of the gridiron crew has been a big boost for me and my career. It allowed me to focus on my craft and train harder and prepare for any opportunity presented to myself. Colin does a great job of always communicating any updates, and is constantly working to not only find opportunities playing ball, but also other business opportunities that come along with playing professional football. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to sign with TGC and am excited about our future plans.” -Donte’ Colum, West Texas Warbirds – CIF

“I greatly appreciate this! May god bless you, your family, and your business. You are doing a great thing for athletes that go under the radar.” – DaJahn Lowrey, Wesley Alum

“Us small school athletes appreciate you more than you know! Keep doing the Lords work and I’ll be praying for you! – Cameron Gavin, Winona State Alum

“You are helping out a lot of people by what you are doing!” – Moses Mondesir, West Texas A&M Alum

“Your brand is doing a lot for the small schools, thank you so much” – Juwan Manigo, Delaware Valley Alim

“I really appreciate your help man! Thank you, you’re doing a great thing for a lot of people!” – Richard Caceres, Cal Lutheran Alum

“I really appreciate that you do this for athletes. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part!” – Shandon Jones, Black Hills State Alum

“I’m sure all of us athletes you’re promoting are grateful for what you’re doing.” – Billy Nicoe Hurst, Youngstown State Alum, Current YSU Coach

“Thank you for everything you do, seriously is a big difference out there for many of us.” – Daniel Martinez, Wayland Baptist Alum

“Thank you very much for interviewing me. I’m sure you had a helping hand in making this happen (NFL Mini Camp Invite), so for that I thank you as well! – Juan Giraldo, Eastern Michigan Alum

“You’re doing a great thing for athletes I can’t thank you enough.” – Robbie Wallace, Wingate Alum

“What you are doin for guys like myself is a blessing!” – Jamyre Soberanis, Western New England Alum

“I couldn’t thank you enough! It’s a blessing for me to be able to work with you.” – Kevin Hurley Jr, McMurry Alum

“Thank you for all your help and the work you do for us prospects. I pray many blessings go your way!” – Michael Catching Jr, Davenport Alum

“Appreciate you taking the time out of your personal day to do this for me and even hit me up. Much love, the smallest things in life can sometimes have the greatest impact.” – Momodou Mbye, Rhode Island Alum

“I appreciate what you do for kids, helping them get some form of exposure.” – Jonathan Zamora, St. Francis Xavier Alum

“What you’re doing is great for athletes.” – Simon Bingelis, Villanova Alum