Week 1: Texas State – September 24, 2016

Our 4th stop of the 2016 season was Texas State in San Marcos, Texas. I have been to a few games over the past 2-3 years and I always liked how the tailgate was in one large parking lot and mainly because these college kids know how to party. There literally were girls projectile puking while not missing a step in their walk, a wipe of the mouth, and carried on like nothing happened. Then towards the end, a kid got carried out by his friends with ripped jeans and shirt, no shoes, and blood pouring down his face. I was more in awe than anything by this tailgate. I love the stadium, no seat is a bad seat and it was packed, mainly because they were playing Houston. Greg ward was just an absolute beast, he was running all over the place, so that was definitely exciting to see as they were ranked #6 and Ward was a Heisman Hopeful at this point in the season. San Marcos is a nice little town with some nice places to eat and drink before and after the games, so we stopped at Taproom Pub & Grub to grab a mac n’ cheese and chili burger!

Overall: Just seeing Greg Ward dominate was good enough for me. I have been to a few Texas State games, so the experience was nothing new, but I enjoy the town and the games every time.

Coolest thing about the Texas State Experience: The Tailgates are the best in Texas, something crazy is happening every time!