Week 3: SMU – September 17, 2016

Driving into Dallas and finding parking was the only complaint I could possibly have here. However, I got the chance to drive around the neighborhoods surrounding campus and was blown away with how big and expensive everything was. When I finally got onto campus, I was in awe again. The campus looked brand spanking new with all their updated brick buildings. Even the parking garages looked like Mansions! Walking to the Boulevard, or as outsiders know it to be called the Tailgate, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure enough, it was a tailgate all the way down a Boulevard street in the middle of campus. Bands were playing, drinking games were going down, the Greek life was blasting music, and the food was a plenty. Even if you did not have a tailgate spot, you can go into the public area and eat at food trucks and buy beer from the tents with other college games playing on the TVs. Inside the stadium, there were more people sitting in the grass with the big mustang logo than there were people in the stands. I really liked the seating in there because it was small enough to the point where you can sit all the way up top and still feel right on top of the action. This was probably my favorite stadium for seating so far. The best part of the game traditions is the horse running across the field on every SMU score.

Overall: The campus was simply stunning. It was in a very rich community and really cool to walk around and take in the sights. Liberty travels well and had their own section, which helped fill the stadium. Overall a great game to watch, even though I was more intrigued by the horse running around the field.

Coolest thing about the SMU Experience: Boulevarding! This was not the best tailgate I have ever been to (Wisconsin was), but this was definitely the coolest style of tailgating I have seen. Everything is smack dab in the middle of campus on Bishop Boulevard, making it real easy to attend the game and see how beautiful the campus is. Plus it was packed!