Name: John Michael McGee
College: Henderson State
Position: Offensive Lineman
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 296

Q: If you could describe your style of play in 3 words, what would they be?

John: Fluency, Endurance, Athleticism.

Q: How are you going to train/prepare this offseason in preparation for the draft or other pro opportunities?

John: I’ve been training with other local athletes preparing for whatever opportunity comes in the near future. Mostly working on power lifts and agility drills twice a day.

Q: If you could compare yourself to one current or former NFL player who would it be and why?

John: I would compare myself to somewhat of a Lane Johnson. We have the same skill set. Quick, great feet, and athleticism.

Q: When you are studying film, what do you focus on or look for?

John: While studying film, I’m reading DL splits and stances because most of the time they show what they’re doing before it’s even going to happen. I also like watching to see what’s a guy’s favorite move and counter move.

Q: What separates you from other players at your position?

John: Flat out athleticism. The hip flexibility and lateral quickness is a natural gift of mine. It often times surprises guy’s that I move so well.

Q: What kind of abilities would you bring to a team that will stand out both on and off the field?

John: Quick learner of schemes. Not a trouble maker. Loves when a coach lets a player utilize his strengths it makes the game much more enjoyable when you’re comfortable on the field. A competitor.

Q: What is your final pitch/sell to NFL and other pro league scouts?

John: God has already blessed me beyond measures with the game of football. My natural abilities will always show through regardless of coaching or what division I played in. I can compete with the best. I’ve had the best as teammates while at Henderson State. I have a knack for winning and playing hard nose football. Regardless of what’s forthcoming I’m already grateful.