“Mcgregory Frederique is headed to play for Team America.

The 5’10” 180 pound wide receiver from New York, New York, was part of the of the MLFB draft that happened earlier this year and unfortunately did not get picked. The league ultimately never happened due to financial issues and as a result of that, Frederique thought his professional football dream was over. Thankfully, he found out about Team America and how they were looking for players. The film he sent in caught someones eye and that€™s when the opportunity presented itself. “”Getting a spot on the roster was all God’s doing,”” said Frederique, “”I was shocked myself that I even made the roster, it’s exciting for me to play on the pro level.””

Team America is the only USA National Football Team for the Pro developmental level featuring the best football players America has to offer. Frederique is excited that Team America is giving him a chance to play on the professional level. “”I know I’m capable of playing at the NFL level, I know I can, I’m very confident in myself,”” he said, “”They need a guy like myself in the NFL, they won’t be disappointed at all.”” When the time comes to preform in front of coaches and scouts, Frederique will be well prepared and ready to go.

For Frederique, preparing for that opportunity takes serious preparation. “”The game in January will be in Central Florida and I will prepare by continuing to work out,”” Frederique said, “”Working on my craft, learning the routes, and learning more about the game.”” That, of course, is the only way he can get better and stand out from each and every player that competes in the game against Team World. He has has to be different to have the scouts say “”That’s the guy we want on our team€.

It’s obvious that Frederique has a love for the game, but to play for Team America and represent his country is a blessing. “”It means so much to me because I’m finally getting an opportunity to showcase my talent and skills on the field,”” he said. Frederique never thought he would get a chance to sign with a team, but God was by his side and he never gave up on his dream. When he received the email that he was on the roster, his whole life changed because his football journey lives on. “”I’m just grateful for the opportunity and happy someone in the staff gave it to me. Anything is possible,”” he said.

Frederique will play his first game for Team America with his new teammates on January 15, in Central Florida when they take on the Team World.”