Lee Behnke is headed to play for Team America.

The 6€™1€³ 190 pound wide receiver from Rochester, New York, found out about Team America through the arena/semi pro community. He inquired with his credentials and the private club asked him to play. €œTruly a blessing,€ said Behnke, €œJust getting on the field with different players from different levels from all parts of the country to come together for one common goal, to represent this country, and show the rest of the world why we€™re number one.€

Team America is the only USA National Football Team for the Pro developmental level featuring the best football players America has to offer. Behnke is excited that Team America is giving players an opportunity to do something special, represent their country and play in front of professional scouts. €œI think it will broaden my horizon in the football world, it will show me where I stand amongst the best.  Also, it will give me the opportunity to showcase my talent in front of NFL, CFL, and arena scouts,€ he said.

For Behnke, preparing for that opportunity is pretty much a full time job. He is in the gym every day, puts in his own field work three times a week, and is an active player on the undefeated Monroe County Sting of the Northeastern Football Alliance.

It’s obvious that Behnke has a love for the game, but to play for Team America and represent his country is a special honor. €œIt means a lot,” Behnke said, “no matter what sport or level you€™re playing at when you put on that red white and blue, you€™re not only representing yourself, but your country as a whole. You have to rock the Stars and Stripes with pride and respect.”

Behnke will play his first game for Team America with his new teammates on September 3, in Toronto, Canada, when they take on the MIFA Canadian All-Stars.

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