Bobby Russell, a team captain at King’s College, is preparing for his shot at an NFL camp. This will be his second All-Star game he was invited to, with his first being the National Bowl which took place on December 4th. Russell finished his career with the Monarchs as a three time All-Conference selection and started the last 30 games. He finished as the 5th all time leading tackler at King’s College and posted double digit tackle numbers 10 times which included five forced fumbles. This will be the second time Russell will be looked at by NFL scouts, which will definitely¬†help his chances.

Q: How have you been preparing for the game on Monday?

Bobby: Preparing for the game, I’ve just been doing my usual routine of preparing mentally and physically; little extra of rolling out the muscles, staying focused by looking over the plays, and enjoying the practices with teammates leading up to game time.

Q: If you were talking with a scout, how would you pitch yourself?

Bobby: Talking to a scout, I would express that I play this game with passion and I play for the love of the game; I am a playmaker that can consistently make the hustle plays and I create opportunities to win games. I learn plays quick and communicate on the field. I’ll give 100% and then some, for any position I’m needed.

Q: Why did you decide to play in the Dream Bowl and what do you expect to get out of it?

Bobby: The Dream Bowl is a great opportunity to help get my name out coming from a small school as well as a blessing of being able to play another game of football. I expect to learn more about the game of football from new coaches and teammates which will help my play while I pursue football at the next level whether it be NFL, CFL, AFL, or EFL.

Q: What is your best memory playing football?

Bobby: My best memory of football is when I found out I have been a high school football players role model, since my goal is to help younger football players on and off the field.

Look for Bobby Russell on January 16th in the Dream Bowl. He will be wearing #5 on the Crusaders Red team.

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