Name: Corey Felton
College: Virginia University of Lynchburg
Position: Cornerback/Special Teams
Height: 5’8″ 1/2
Weight: 178
Twitter: @JetRabbit38

Bowl game invites but didn’t play: Dream Bowl & Globe Bowl
(Junior-Senior) Virginia University of Lynchburg
2014 Season Stats: 11 Tackles 7 PBU’s 1 INT Played 8 games, Started 2 games
2015 Season Stats: Played 5 games, 0 Started
2012 (Sophomore): Transferd to Fort Hays State University
2012 Season Stats: Played in 11 games, Started 0 games
Transfered (Freshman): to William Penn University 2011-2012
2011 Season Stats: Played 11 games, Started 0 games
2009 – 2011 (Freshman)
Attend Palm Beach Community College. Didn’t play sports.

Why should a NFL team draft you?

A NFL should draft me because I am a hard worker. I work extremely hard at my craft to make myself better. I am coachable and a quick learner. Rather if it’s offense or defense, even special teams, I would perform anywhere a team needs my help. I feel like I bring more to a team than just the cornerback position.

Is there a particular NFL team you have always wanted to play for?

There is no particular team I want to play for. I just need one team to fall in love with my talent and what I can do when evaluated.

How have you prepared for the Draft and the next level mentally and physically?

I prepare myself mentally by staying focused and separating myself from negative people and those kind of vibes. Try not to get caught up in situations I will regret down the line. Physically, just continuing to workout everything and exercise as if i still have something to prove.

How has the process been leading up to the Draft, compared to how you thought it would be?

Well, I expected things to go exaclty how they are going right now. Despite not being invited to my school’s PRO DAY was a blow for me, I thought I performed well at the NFL Regional Combine in New Orleans March 12th, but overall sense, I’m coming from a small school. Not everybody knows who you are, so I’m expecting to go as a UDFA or a late round pick.

How do you describe your style of play to NFL Scouts?

I have elite speed if your talking about speed. That gives me an advantage to run with the faster WRs. I have good leaping ability for a guy my height. I cover well and I’m very physical in coverage, so with my speed and physicality saves me at the 5’8′ 1/2 height that i come with.

Do you mold your game off any current or past NFL players?

I can honestly say I mold myself off someone in the NFL because there are good cornerbacks in the league, but I don’t mold my game to anyone. I feel that I am the future and I bring my own style of play to the game. I try to be different with a combination of everything from the style that I play.

What NFL team do you think you would be the best fit for?

Chargers, Bucs, Bills, Colts, and Falcons, because they find a way to use small corners my size and they have success in the league.

There’s a chance you sign as an UDFA or receive a Rookie Camp Invite, what would that be like for you?

It would be a blessing for me. I feel that all I need is a opportunity like a Rookie Camp invite or sign as a UDFA to show teams what they passed up on, like a diamond in the rough.

Learning the playbook quickly at the next level can make or break a rookie, how will you handle it?

You know every rookie has a different mindset. Some learn quick and some take a while to get it. Because I’m a quick learner, I’m looking to come and in and actually play as a rookie. That would be my main focus to learn the playbook to play right away, but if not, excel on special teams right away.

What has been your proudest moment on the field?

Going up against top HBCU colleges every week and playing NFL talent at the small school level, I had the chance to match up against Kentucky Wesleyan College All-American Wideout Keelan Cole. He only had 3 catches for 60 yards against me. Something I’m still proud of still to this day.

What would it mean to you if you are drafted?

It would change my life tremendously. I will have the opportunity to take care of my family financially and play the game I love, getting paid for it. It was always a dream to play in the NFL to me as a kid.

Testing #’s from spring ball last year:
Vertical Jump: 36
Broard Jump: 10’06”
Squat: 365
Incline: 245
Bench Press Max: 315
225: 20 reps

NFL Regional Combine 2016 New Orleans testing #’s:
Perform with hamstring injury
Height: 5805
Weight: 178
40 yard dash: 4.60, 4.63
VJ: 32
BJ: 9’7″
Arm: 28.5
Hand: 9.5
20 yard: 2.62
R-SS: 5.17
L-SS: 4.96

No pro day, but best test #’s:
5’8″ 1/2
40 yrd dash: 4.34
Bench: 16 reps
BJ: 10’6″
VJ: 32
SS: 4.96
Arm: 28.5
Hand size: 9.5