Kadeem “KJ” Satchell considers himself a field general that loves to do the dirty work, one whose strengths are being coachable, a high football IQ, and an ideal body type.

Satchell is currently seeking his next opportunity as a professional football player. His last stint was with the Cedar Rapids Titans of the Indoor Football League, where he competed in his rookie season. He ultimately earned two starting positions at Strong Safety and front side Cornerback out of camp and excelled at both positions, despite the drastic change from outdoor to the indoor game. From there, he started preseason, all 16 games of the regular season, and 2 playoff games, where he recorded 60 tackles, 6 tackles for a loss, 4 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries, 1 interception, and 5 pass breakups. He feels the lessons he learned off the field on how to be a professional was the most pertinent information gained during his rookie year. He soaked it all in one day and one practice at a time and the knowledge he gained from his teammates and players across the league will be with him on his next professional journey. 

Professional teams would be gaining a competitor, a player who is a real student of the game. Satchell loves watching film, is very studious, and is very coachable. His size and frame are ready to be molded and shaped at 6’2” and 210 pounds. Scouts will see that his professional film is very versatile. It displays a variety of turnovers and a great mix of playmaker type plays at multiple positions. This film is much like his college tape, but at a higher level and a much longer season. The indoor game also increased his close range contact and bursts, which are crucial at the professional level as a Defensive Back. He will bring an infectious and vibrant energy with him as well.

Satchell has been preparing for his next opportunity by investing in a speed trainer with a very deep resume of successful pro athletes in multiple sports. His body has responded greatly to being challenged on a daily basis. “He is very personable and there’s a beauty in seeing progress as you progress and reach new levels of athleticism,” said Satchell. Another great perk for Satchell has been the networking and relationships he has built by working out with athletes of all ages, genders, and sports. The speed investment was a way he felt he could make a “kick the door down” type of gesture. Some of his main focuses have been workouts to work on having more fluid hips, more drill endurance workouts, and most importantly, more explosion all around in his game. “These were not facets that I felt I lacked in, but more so, I wanted them to stick out to pro scouts anytime my name was called on to showcase,” he said.

In College at Emporia State, Satchell was the school record holder in squat for Defensive Backs with 620 pounds. He was also a two time runner up for lifter of the year at all positions. He finished his career with 145 tackles, 20 pass breakups, 10.5 tackles for a loss, 5 interceptions, 3 fumble recoveries, 1 blocked kick, and 2 defensive touchdowns. 

As Satchell embarks on his next journey, he will continue to grind away to show scouts that he belongs at the next level.