Name: Dontae Crow
School: Campbell University/University of Wyoming
Position: WR/RS

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 185

What goals did you set and/or accomplish in your final collegiate season?

I wanted to ensure I was the hardest worker on the team, I wanted to be someone the team could count on and when my opportunities presented themselves I wanted to be a player maker, this happened where I was making plays on third downs and extending drives when my opportunities were available.

Q: How do you think you took advantage of the extra year of eligibility to increase your chances of going pro?

I think I helped show how consistent my hands were and how quick and smart I was on a football field. I made sure that teams can see I know which zones to be into, and ways to use my quickness and savviness to create opportunities for plays.

Q: What would your coaches and teammates say about the type of player you are?

They would say I am consistent, everyday I go out there no matter the circumstances and stay locked in and participate with high energy and always work extremely hard. They can say I am the same guy in everything I do and someone you can count on.

Q: When you are studying film, what are the things you focus on to improve your game?

I really like to focus on how defenses play with their linebackers or nickels, I like to figure out tendencies to where I can figure out who may drop to cover a flat if the linebacker goes on a blitz or if I have a win route to know where the defense likes to move out to or jump to a certain side so I can figure out where the holes in the defense are.

Q: What separates you from the other pro prospects at your position?

I am able to play at a patient but extremely quick level which allows me to get open in new ways, and simply having an extremely high IQ so when I am in the game I can read things fast and make adjustments in a quick way.

Q: What is your offseason plan to train and prepare for professional opportunities?

I am going to play hopefully in a couple senior bowls and then focus completely on training and ensuring that when the pro day and workouts comes I am able to completely perform at the highest level with numbers that will stand out.

Q: What kind of strengths and abilities will you bring to a team that will stand out both on and off the field?

I will be someone who you can count on, I do the right thing without needing people to worry and someone who understands the game and if there are new concepts someone who can catch on fast and perform at the highest level, then someone who is able to use my quickness to get open.

Q: What is your final pitch to the NFL and any other pro leagues?

I am just excited for the team who takes the chance on me and I can ensure that when I am able to show my skills it will be done at a high level that allows for me to benefit the team in many ways.