Dillon Salva, a former Tight End at Merrimack College is looking for his next home after jumping around the NFL as a rookie this past offseason. He spent time with the Redskins in Mini Camp, at the Jets and Giants local days, and the Falcons OTA workout.

In college at Merrimack, he lead the NE10 conference in receiving yards for Tight Ends and finished with 2 touchdowns his senior season in an offense where his primary role was run blocking. He transitioned his college game to his performances at the next level in the NFL, where he spent the most time with the Redskins. Even though none of the opportunities ultimately worked out, he certainly showed he belonged. He physically dominated, pancaked a big 3-4 Outside Linebacker in a helmets only team period, and on the second day of camp he had 6 one on one routes where he won all reps against his defenders. “I also proved I was the most physically capable man for the job,” said Salva.

In the NFL, the majority of Tight Ends are known as either a receiver or blocker, very few do both. Salva at 6’5″ and 250 pounds, is the guy who can excel in both aspects of the game with his size, speed, and strength. He has shown this in his three pro days last year, where he recorded 26 bench repetitions, 38 1/2″ vertical, 10’2″ broad jump, 4.70 40 yard dash, and 0 dropped passes. His college film also shows him constantly pancaking opponents in the run game and his ball catching skills, as he did not drop a single pass his entire collegiate career. “I’ll always be the most in shape and ready to go at all times, but what I take pride in the most, is nobody will out work me, ever,” he said.

Even though most players give up after they do not make a NFL squad in their rookie season, Salva is determined to succeed and show the world he has what it takes to be the next NFL star. “I stepped up to the plate every single day throughout the process, all three pro days, both local days, and both camps, I did everything right and executed at an extremely high level,” he said. Talent wise, there is no doubt he belongs in the NFL and with that instilled in his head, he will not give up just yet.

Salva’s love for the game is like no other and all he needs is another chance to earn his spot on a team. He has been working harder than ever before and is focusing on outperforming his pro day numbers from last year. His goal is to have the best all around pro day in the country at the Tight End position and doesn’t plan on falling short of that goal. Look out NFL, Dillon Salva will be back this offseason.