Name: Ben DiNucci
School:  James Madison
Position: QB
Height:  6’2″
Weight: 213

Q: What goals did you set and/or accomplish in your final collegiate season?

Going into the season there were three things. 1. Conference champs 2. Make playoffs. 3. Win the national championship. I was fortunate enough to get two of those. Came up just short in the national championship.

Q: What would your coaches and teammates say about the type of player you are?

I would hope the guys around me would say that I’m a team first guy who did things the right way. A leader. Competitor. Always had fun. Someone who was going to do whatever it took to win.

Q: When you are studying film, what do you focus on to improve your game?

There are always things you can improve on. For me, I want to be the same guy every day. Consistent. Limit turnovers and make sure I’m always putting my guys in a position to succeed.

Q: What separates you from the other pro prospects at your position?

I think I’m a very unique talent. I can throw from every arm angle, extend plays with my legs, and am accurate at all levels. I’ve been around a lot of ball in 5 years having 5 different OC’s in college. Seen a lot of offenses and defenses And been around a bunch of different coaching styles.

Q: What is your offseason plan to train and prepare for professional opportunities?

I spent the last 8 weeks training at Chip Smith Performance in ATL, GA with Quincy Avery handling that QB portion of my training.

Q: What kind of strengths and abilities will you bring to a team that will stand out both on and off the field?

I’m going to give everything I have every day. I’ll be the first one in the building and the last one out. I’m extremely easy going and have no off field issues to worry about. I love having fun playing this game and I think that stands out watching tape. The guys around me want to play for me.

Q: What is your final pitch to the NFL or any other pro leagues?

I’m a guy you want on your team. My best ball is still ahead of me. I’ve improved every year of college and continue to learn and adapt.