When Will Gunther first arrived at Solid Rock Community High School in Tarpon Springs, Florida, he was the worst football player there. Now, a Senior Quarterback for the SRCS Crusaders, he is on his way to being the first college athlete in school history.

Gunther came from an athletic background, but had never played football until the 8th grade. At that time, he said flat out that he was, “the smallest and worst player on the team.” Because of his size, he only got in for about 10 plays during the entire 8th grade season. Frustrated, and wanting to become someone his school would remember, Gunther got to work. During the summer before his Freshman year of High School he worked extremely hard in the weight room and trained with the Phillips QB Academy.

The Phillips QB academy is based out of Clearwater, Florida, and is run by Drew Phillips, a former FCS Quarterback at Jacksonville University. While looking for ways to become a better Quarterback Gunther learned about the academy online. He ultimately decided this was the best step for his football career. With Phillips, and the team at the academy, Gunther worked on footwork, arm strength, mental game, game planning, pocket presence, poise, and more. “He’s the greatest coach a young quarterback could have,” said Gunther.

After a decent freshman year, Gunther hit his growth spirt and became a three year starter. During his senior season he was named player of the game six times due to his 2,205 total yards accompanied by 27 touchdowns.

This season became history. He received 8 college football offers this season and is in the running for the league’s Heisman and All-State awards. Gunther ultimately chose to accept a scholarship to attend Ave Maria University in the fall to play Quarterback for the Gyrenes.

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