Nehemiah Coward is an electrifying return man and can play solid defense too from the corner position. This season at Central State, he ranked 8th in the conference with 79 tackles. All teams at the next level are looking for a special teams ace and that is where he has made a significant impact in college on block formation and return. He blocked 5 punts this season, which led the conference, and returned back a missed field goal for a 109 yard touchdown.

Q: How have you been preparing for the game on Sunday?

Nehemiah: I’ve been preparing myself for the game by soaking everything and staying focused and lose. I have been taking mental reps when I haven’t been playing, so I can learn from other players. Also, I have been learning what the coach’s have been teaching me out here and a lot of rest.

Q: If you were talking with a scout, how would you pitch yourself?

Nehemiah: Hey my name is Nehemiah Coward and I play DB for Central State. I’m a grinder and you will like what you see out of me, and I’m a hustler with great speed.

Q: Why did you decide to play in the Tropical Bowl and what do you expect to get out of it?

Nehemiah: I decided to play in this bowl game for more exposure and also show scouts and others what I can do against D1 athletes, because coming from a small school, people don’t expect us to have skill or talent such as the D1 players. I’m looking to get more exposure and show the scouts and NFL that I can play with the best of them.

Q: What is your best memory playing football?

Nehemiah: My favorite football memory was when I ran a 109 yard return for a touchdown and broke the school record. It was Special to me cause I made history.

Look for Nehemiah Coward on January 15th in the Tropical Bowl. He will be wearing #37 on the American White team coached by Todd Littlejohn. Coward will be sure to show off his shut down coverage to the scouts.

Photo Courtesy of Central State Athletics