Just For Laughs. The Big Hit
How many times are you going to watch this hit over and over again?

Honorable Mention. The Tight End Burner
How do you let a Tight End beat you down the field like that? Howard smoked everyone on that play.

5. Broken Ankles
Great blocking and some nice cutbacks to make defenders tackle their own players was a no brainer to make the list.

4. Squeezes Between Defenders
Renfrow sneaks between two defenders and dodges a third. Does he even get touched?

3. The Double Pass
Hmm, a guy goes in motion to line up 10 yards in the backfield from the wideout position, and no one takes notice? Nice play call by the Crimson Tide.

2. Solidifying His Draft Spot
Williams may just be the #1 WR to go in the draft (if he declares) after his performance tonight. He is flat out nasty going up for the ball.

1. The Game Winner
No one else saw this coming with Renfrow lined up in the slot? He was open all game! Congrats to the former walk on and the rest of the Clemson Tigers.