Week 1: Southwestern University – September 3, 2016

Our first stop of the 2016 season was Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. Other than the actual football game, there was not much going on in the town or on campus. Since the game was in the afternoon, we drove around Georgetown for a while (I mean a while!) before we finally found a bar to watch the early college football games on TV, just to find out it was closed. We then found an empty bar called Roots to grab some beers and watch Houston beat Oklahoma. Since we couldn’t find anything else downtown for bar/food, we drove out to Hardtails which was a pretty cool dive bar. Where is everyone in Georgetown on college game day!? Enter tailgate. I will hand it to the die hard fans, as they had Pirate flags all over their RVs and had their tents decked out, but there were maybe 50 people out there. Not sure where the students tailgate, but there was not a soul on campus and obviously there is no beer at D3 schools’ tailgates in Texas from what I have experienced. It was a great game to watch as Hardin Simmons looked pretty solid for their first game scoring 26 points on some exciting plays. PS Southwestern’s #44 was a beast.

Overall: I got to experience yet another school’s atmosphere, even though I couldn’t find much to do before the game and the campus was a desolate ghost town, definitely glad I knocked it off the list. Southwestern, CHECK!

Coolest thing about the Southwestern Experience: There are bikes everywhere for anyone to ride. That made it real easy to get around to check out all the buildings and facilities, plus we got some serious off-roading in!