Week 1: Colorado – October 1, 2016

Our 5th stop of the 2016 season was Colorado in Boulder Colorado. This game was a little different than the rest of the season because it was a 5 day trip for my birthday weekend. We went to Denver, Estes Park, and Boulder, as this was my first time being in Colorado. It was Elk season, so they were everywhere in Estes and so was their meat all all the local restaurants! The beer was just as good as I thought it was going to be as I love going to breweries. Unfortunately, since we stayed in Estes the night before the game, we missed most of my favorite part of college football games, the tailgate. Walking around campus was pretty awesome since living in Texas, I don’t get to see many mountains. Once we got to the gates, you enter what looks like a new Stadium from the outside, but realize its just an addition to the outside of the original stadium. The cool part was the field house. It was packed to the brim with everyone boozing. Field/Stadium is absolutely stunning from the inside with the view of the mountains and the big end zone readinf Colorado. I also think the running of Ralphie is one of my favorite traditions in College Football. The only other one I am looking forward to more is Florida State. Colorado was actually good this year, so they dominated this game and had a great rest of the year. Great game, stadium, views, and an even better birthday week!

Overall: The whole Boulder experience really added to the value of the game, the city, the food, the views. The Stadium is one of the coolest I have been in so far due to how old it is and then you walk out the tunnel and see the Rockies in the background, epic.

Coolest thing about the Texas State Experience: The mountain scenery alone was amazing, enough said!