The satellite camp discussion will not end devoid of finding a suitable solution to it. The off-campus events are labeled as satellite camps. It is said that the NFL could offer a solution and help college football reform satellite camps. Satellite camps are the main focus of the off-season in college football and people need a permanent solution to the problem. Many think that the NFL could give an apt solution to conciliate all parties.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is keen to the comfort and lifetime achievement of college athletes. However, since satellite camps have taken over the off-season college football headlines lately, it is required for the NCAA to take influential steps to carry some kind of arrangement to the satellite camp experience. The NCAA is thinking of two crucial options for satellite camp reform.

The first option is to do away with team-sponsored joint camps. NCAA is considering creating NCAA-sponsored camps in place of team-sponsored joint camps that would be hosted at NFL training facilities or high schools. Any coach would be permitted to attend the camps as well. The first option will make sure that camps on college campuses wouldn€™t fade away.  However, coaches from other schools would no more have the ability to attend them.

College Football Satellite CampsThe second option is cutting down the camp window to 10 days. Coaches are permitted to attend camps 30 days at the moment. The main intention behind cutting down the camp window to a 10-day is to restrict the coaches to go on large camp tours. The second option suggests that the NCAA will not allow coaches to run wild in the month of June and aim to reduce what a coach may do during camp days and also limit how many camps they go to. Any side would love to have a fair solution as college football and NFL is somehow having a relationship that benefits both.

Football fans like the first option better since NCAA can arrange camps at NFL facilities in a joint partnership with the NFL and it would witness camps held at NFL training facilities or at high schools. It is spot on that shortening the camp window down to 10 days from 30 days looks as if an uncanny compromise.  The main reason is that it will not offer any long term solution to the scorching satellite camp issues.  It is expected to limit the opportunities as well.

NCAA considering camp partnership with the NFL is always a better option because NFL teams could hold camps at their training facilities if the decision comes to completion. There has been burning controversy on the topic of satellite camps held by some college coaches like Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh in diverse provinces of the country. A lot of people saw it as a benefit to the student-athletes, but there should be a right solution to the issues and probably, the NFL could offer a solution.

Satellite camps are very important for the athletes as it aids them to learn more about football, greater exposure to competitive football, and work with the prolific coaches in the field. Hence, NCAA should come up with a suitable solution that brings a full stop to the hotly debated satellite camp issues.