Name: Romelo Doctor
College: Newberry
Position: Running Back
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 220

Q: If you could describe your style of play in 3 words, what would they be?

Romelo: If I could describe my style of play in three words it would be aggressive, patient, and strategic.

Q: How are you going to train/prepare this offseason in preparation for the draft or other pro opportunities?

Romelo: During the offseason, I am consistently in the weight room to become stronger and more competitive. I am also working on drills to increase strength and agility and I plan on improving my explosiveness to be better prepare myself for the next level.

Q: If you could compare yourself to one current or former NFL player who would it be and why?

Romelo: If I could compare myself with one current NFL player it would be Adrian Peterson. I think he is a prime example of an all-purpose running back, I think my physical and mental abilities on the field are very similar with Adrian Peterson. He and I are both able to use our strength and speed to make the big plays count. I believe he is a sharp player on the field and can easily make quick decisions that will lead to positive plays.

Q: When you are studying film, what do you focus on or look for?

Romelo: When I am watching film, I am mainly looking for the positives and the negative plays within my performance as well as my team’s. Throughout my football career I have learned more from my negative plays compared to my positive plays. While watching film, my positive plays reassure me that my hard work is paying off, but while watching my negative plays it humbles me that I still have a lot to improve on to better myself and my team. While watching opponent’s film, I am mainly concerned with the defense, I study the defensive schemes and the players at each position to understand their strengths and weakness so I am better prepared before game day.

Q: What separates you from other players at your position?

Romelo: I think what separates me from my competition is my size, being a 6’0 running back at 220 pounds I have the speed and power to swiftly move throughout the field. My vision on the field is spectacular, especially when reading blocks. Another strength I have over my competitors is my fearlessness, I am not afraid to catch the football out of the backfield.

Q: What kind of abilities would you bring to a team that will stand out both on and off the field?

Romelo: I think I am a great team player, I would bring my positive outlook to the team, my outstanding work ethic, and my passion to always strive to become the best person I can.

Q: What is your final pitch/sell to NFL and other pro league scouts?

Romelo: Even though I attended a smaller division II college, I think I would still make an excellent player within the NFL organization. Newberry College, being a smaller college, brought many opportunities for me to perform and I always performed to the best of my abilities. I have capitalized on every opportunity given to me on and off the field. I think I have the competitive nature, the work ethic, and the motivation that would positively contribute to any NFL roster.