Name: Lance Felder
College: Lincoln University of PA
Position: Tight End/ Fullback/ H-back
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 240

Q: If you could describe your style of play in 3 words, what would they be?

Lance: Physical, fast, instinctive.

Q: How are you going to train/prepare this offseason in preparation for the draft or other pro opportunities?

Lance: I am currently training with a former CFL player named Sammy Tranks. He has helped me to become a better football player physically and mentally. Physically, he has trained me to become more explosive. We have also improved on my areas of weakness in the weight room and on the field. He has given me the tools to run routes and separate from defenders that are trying to cover me in more clear and concise way. Mentally, he has taught me how to read coverage’s and how to run routes based of the coverages.

Q: If you could compare yourself to one current or former NFL player who would it be and why?

Lance: I compare myself to Jordan Reed, because of his ability to become open and create separations with his routes. Although he’s not the typical size for a tight end similar to myself, he is still very effective and can line up anywhere on the field and be very productive.

Q: When you are studying film, what do you focus on or look for?

Lance: When I study film, I focus on the safety and linebackers because they usually give away the coverage who are the individuals that usually try to cover me. In addition to that, I look at how to beat the coverage and how to run the routes based off the coverage.

Q: What separates you from other players at your position?

Lance: What separates me from the other players would be my toughness on the field, the ability to run routes, catch the ball in traffic, and also block. In addition to these skills, I had the opportunity to lead my team in receiving yards in the first HBCU spirit of America Bowl in Virginia Beach, VA.

Q: What kind of abilities would you bring to a team that will stand out both on and off the field?

Lance: On the field, I’m known for making big plays to spark the momentum for my team. I have the ability to make contested catches. For example, if my Quarterback is in a bind, he is aware he can throw the ball to me with one or two defenders covering me. In result, I will successfully catch the ball. I also have the ability to block extremely well, in which many Tight ends lack this skill today. Off the field, I can be a great support system for my teammates. I experience a team to be like a family environment where we have to be there for one another. I will also have the ability to promote community service to young African American men that have less than me. Currently, my mother and I are working with my Alma Mater, The Lincoln University of PA to provide suits for every male on campus. In turn, this would be a blessing for the school just as they have blessed us for giving me a great education.

Q: What is your final pitch/sell to NFL and other pro league scouts?

Lance: I am a humble individual who has had a lot of bad luck and unfortunate situations in my life. My dad wasn’t there for me throughout my life and my cousin was murdered by his teammate when I was six years old. I watched my grandmother pass away right in front of me and lost many more relatives in my life along the way. Therefore, I had to remain strong for my family and stay focused on my education as well as my football career. Recently, my neighbor had a fire which resulted in my mother and aunt being without a home for a week while I was at school. Even though life has been tough, I keep working hard so I can keep chasing my dream of playing professional football so I can help support my family. If I am given an opportunity, I will give it everything I have to make the team and be an inspiration to others to chase their dreams too.