After graduating from Fitchburg State this past Spring, Hollie was hoping to get the call like every other draft hopeful. When the call did not come, it was either give up or keep working towards his dream of being a professional football player. That decision was easy for Hollie because of his love for the game, so he decided to continue training for the next level. “I have been focusing on further improving my hips, overall speed, and my first step off the line in order to become a more dynamic player,” said Hollie.

In order to stay in better football shape, Hollie decided to spend his summer actually playing football instead of just training, so he joined an Indoor Football team called the Myrtle Beach Masters. “Playing for the Masters was truly a blessing as it allowed for me to stay in great shape and to compete with great athletes from all over. I had the chance to compete with players from all around the nation and from D1, D2, and D3 schools,” he said. The opportunity also provided Hollie with updated film which is crucial to have ready for scouts.

As a physical and explosive Defensive End for the Masters, he worked on perfecting his craft and led the team in what he does best, getting to the Quarterback and racking up sacks. “The season went very well, we went undefeated and it was an amazing feeling to lead my team in sacks, we had a very talented defense,” he said. Hollie used his high motor and his quick get off speed to help lead his team to an undefeated season and an individual accomplishment that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Hollie used this summer’s Indoor Football stint as a stepping stone in hopes of garnering interest to higher level professional leagues. Hopefully all the hard work, training, and dedication will pay off and Hollie can continue to climb towards his dreams of being a professional football player.