Name: Miles Kirksey
School: Texas A&M University – Kingsville
Graduation Year: 2016
Age: 23
Position: Linebacker
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 230

Q: What has motivated you to continue playing football at the professional level?

The thing that keeps me motivated is that I know I’m an elite football player that is more than capable of competing at a high level. My passion for the game has never wavered during my brief time away, in fact, if anything, it has increased it. When I reflect over all that time and all I’ve endured, it pushes me to grind harder than anyone!

Q: As far as training goes, what have you done in order to stay in shape, most importantly football shape, since you graduated?

I have been training at Mo. City Sports & Fitness working on staying explosive, footwork, position drills, strength, and power daily, breaking new barriers while setting the bar higher!

Q: What kind of strengths and abilities would you bring to a team?

My football IQ is my most valuable attribute. Being able to break down film and learning tendencies when it comes to personnel, down and distance, as well as situations, and apply it in a live game situation. Along with my consistency, high motor, physicality, and lead by example attitude, all add to the value I bring to a team.

Q: What makes you unique and seperates you from other players at your position?

Football IQ, passion, and instincts are a pivotal part in what makes great linebackers great and what separates me from any other player. I also am a leader on and off the field with an uncanny desire to better myself in everything I do.

Q: Why should a team sign you as a Free Agent instead of another player right out of college?

The edge I play with and versatility sets me apart from any draft eligible player. Playing with tenacity, speed, and passion. Also, having the knowledge and size to be able to play in multiple schemes in different positions.

Q: What is your final pitch or sell to professional scouts and teams?

I’m a relentless, hard-working teammate with a passion for this game that can’t be matched. My abilities along with my specific skill set will have a positive impact everyday on those around me, on and off the field. If given the opportunity I know I can make the most out it. I can compete with the best of the best and I’d love to prove it!