Name: Marquese Livers
School: Kentucky State
Position: WR/TE
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 220

Q: What goals did you set and/or accomplish in your final collegiate season?

As one of the senior captains I accomplished a ton from earning that title and taking a 0-10 team to a winning season. Made history multiple times throughout the year. Had the best season in school history since 1978. Also we posted the best single season improvement in NCAA football in all division. Lead the team to be undefeated in non-conference play including beating two division one teams. I earned a chance to play in the FCS bowl down in Daytona Florida and had a decent showing. I was invited to other senior bowl games also but opted out to just train. I really wanted to be in the playoff picture. We worked hard to get into the playoffs, however we did not get in. I wanted to get fast and gain better body control and I gained that. I also have gotten way better at reading defenses. That was one of my biggest things because you don’t see a bunch of trickery when you run the triple options. Another goal of mine was to make sure my running back Brett Sylve got 1,000 yards rushing. The last season we played together he came about 20 yards short of it. Since then we haven’t let each other get over that. So it was a great accomplishment helping him obtain that.

Q: What would your coaches and teammates say about the type of player you are?

My coaches and teammates would describe be as a competitor. A leader that has unbelievable drive and heart. I have a lot of dog in me and I try to dominate whoever is in front of me. They would speak on how physical and Finesse my playing style is. Someone who will give 110 percent every snap off the ball. They would say that I am extremely confident in myself. I eat sleep and breathe football every day. One of my former teammates Donnell Covington would tell me I think better with a helmet on. The desire I have to play the game is through the roof. It’s evident to everyone that I love the game to death. They know alone my ambition, passion, and mental toughness is dangerous. My motor will never let me stop even when I’m tired and throwing up. It makes me work harder knowing my technique is not on the Hall of Fame level. I’m someone who is always aware of what’s going on and how to be tactical. Playing tight end and wide receiver help me understand how to read the box better and wide out made me understand secondary completely. They will say I am one of the biggest motivators one the team or that they ever met. I am person that will trash talk myself to make myself go harder. I’m the player standing up after we already ran multiple win sprints saying come on everyone let’s get better. They will say that I’m obsessed with winning and I’m one of a kind!

Q: When you are studying film, what do you focus on to improve your game?

When studying film I focus on everything from tendencies, defenses, and alignments. When I’m watching film on an opponent’s defense I’m trying to zone into what the defensive front is. It allows me to know which players are responsible for which gap and contain. Next I’m checking for the defensive secondary to understand how players fly around. If a guy keeps looking in a back field or not really good at guarding certain routes. I’m trying to recognize blitz and how to pick it up or alert if I see it. I want to know what is their bread and butter defense. Knowing lots of shifts and motions can happen at the same time I need to pick up on certain things that’s giving it away. With help from the scouting report I’m literally isolating players. I’m looking to check on who is physical and who is shying away from contact. I want to know who flows fast, who doesn’t move well, as well as who are the best players. I want to know who is the most dangerous to corrupt what we are trying to do. When looking to perfect my craft I watch all the greats. I love the ability to break on the dime like Jerry Rice so I study how he gets in and out of his breaks. I love zoning in on players like AJ Green, Deandre Hopkins, Randy moss, Jarvis Landry, Antonio Brown and Stephan Diggs the most. I Pay attention on how they run their routes full speed, how they are standing, and especially what are the eyes doing. I focus on the way they set routes up to get wide open. When Jarvis Landry is running a route full speed across the field to get another person open it amazes me. He’s chipping players, sticking his head in there to block, all around just helping the team by any cost. That’s the type of player I see myself as. The Creativity that Antonio Brown has it makes watch to see how to make all of my routes look the same. That makes it harder on the defense when you are not giving away your route or offensive scheme. I go from that to critiquing my own film. Film gives you the ability to track progress and individual skill development of yourself. I want to figure out what I did wrong and correct it as soon as possible.

Q: What separates you from the other pro prospects at your position?

When playing wide receiver I feel I separate myself in blocking. I feel that it is no other person preparing that takes pride in blocking like I do. I’m physical and great getting in and out of breaks. I come off the ball hard every time and make defensive backs unsure of what’s going on. My IQ is high at tight end also. I feel if you put me anywhere on the line of scrimmage I could make the correct call. Rather it be a double team block or a single block to the next level. Most receivers tend to not fight for extra yards but it takes more than one person to bring me down. Especially at tight end I feel I create a disadvantage with whoever is holding me. I can move very well, I have strong hands, and great hand I coordination. My mentality of I always have more in the tank is what separates me. My heart and love for the game gives me an extra boost even when I have met my match. I have the mindset that I will out work you.

Q: What is your offseason plan to train and prepare for professional opportunities?

For the offseason I have mostly been working on my speed and strength. I understand to keep up with some of the best players in the world I have to be in the best shape of my life. Being able to keep my hips loose and be mobile. My Eating habits contains a lot of fruit, and seafood. I have also been taking some hot yoga on weekends. More importantly I read my bible more. I talk to god more and it puts me in a better mood. It gets me up and makes me thankful for the position I was put in. It reminds me of my long journey and all I have had to do to even get here. That extra drive in me allows me to do all things. I also was planning to find an agent but I couldn’t get one just yet that was on the same page as me. My 40 time, my shuttle, and my bench press are ones I’ve been working on the hardest to impress scouts for my opportunity at the next level. Another thing I have tried to key into is my core and route running. It’s always room for improvement and so many things I haven’t learned yet. I’m eager and anxious to see how my results will pay off

Q: What kind of strengths and abilities will you bring to a team that will stand out both on and off the field?

My leadership, confidence and passion will always standout both on and off the field. Not just the guy you would have to deal with talking all practice. I’m encouraging at practice and giving tough love when need to be. I’m looked at like someone who understands the game and understands what it takes to win. Especially off the field, and when I’m at home. I literally will call over 5 or more teammates to get them to watch film with me for an extra 2 hours or more. It’s not like when practice is over I’m out of football mode. Even when I am in different communities I understand what I am representing. Not only Me but also my school, organization along with my family. Being a leader I know how to work well with others. I know how to make my teammates utilize their abilities. I know how to lift my teammates up and motivate them to keep going. In football I know no one man can win a football game and that it takes all 11. My passion for the game shows each and every day I show up for work. I put my all into my craft and I know what kind of practices I’ve been through. Most of the times practices are harder than the game. I feel as though no one is going to out-work me. I know the work I put in so I’m more confident in myself.

Q: What is your final pitch to the NFL or any other pro leagues?

You’re looking at a guy that is hardworking, competitive, genuine, and an all-around leader. Someone who can run every route in the tree and go in to block the best linebacker. I’m the type of player that can help put together a 14 play drive and be one of the first ones down on kick off. I will guarantee your running back will have a great day running behind me. I am so appreciative of the game and everything it has taught me. A stand up man that has no ceiling on my potential. I want to be the best at whatever I do. I can run block and pass block at a high level. I’m great with blocking down the field. I can go up to catch ball and make catches in traffic. I run efficient routes and get others open too. I’m not afraid to do the dirty work. I always have a go get it and competitive attitude. I can move the chains and I am a red zone target. I can stick my hand in the ground, go in the slot, and play outside. I enjoy playing all special teams. I’m elusive, strong, fast, and physical and I have great football knowledge. I understand what’s going on inside and outside the box. I’m a fast learner and will succeed at the pro level. I play with a chip on my shoulder I’m here to prove I am the best. Although I don’t have jaw dropping career numbers my presence is felt every time I am on the field. I make an impact in some way shape of form every time. Someone who is confident and loves what he is doing. I am a dependable player and will give any defensive coach a headache. I can drive a corner to the bleachers or I can stick my nose in there to hit a middle linebacker. I’m one of the most versatile players around. I am explosive off the line and I have a cunning way to get open. The type of player that doesn’t need a coach making sure I’m doing the right thing because I am. I’m willing to sacrifice it all for the team. I turn failure into feedback and keep pushing. One of the most important reasons to pick me is that I am consistent. I am constantly getting better every day. I have the mental discipline, and physical skills necessary to generate and keep increasing my athletic excellence and success throughout my career. I never second guess myself or my abilities. I never take anything for granted and do everything with God First.