Name: Jalaan Owens
School: Benedictine University
Position: DB
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 185

What goals did you set and/or accomplish in your final collegiate season?

The goals that I set forth for myself was to finish my final season was to have as much fun as possible, finish healthy, improve in every aspect of the game and to win conference. I was able to achieve all of the goals that I had set forth except winning conference. We came one game short of winning it. While we didn’t win conference, we did have the best record our program has had in over 20 years. So it may not have been the perfect season but it was still a remarkable season for us.

Q: How do you think you took advantage of the extra year of eligibility to increase your chances of going pro?

By focusing on me. I sat out the covid season due to a torn labrum surgery and while it was a year that I never thought I’d experience, I am blessed to have gone through it. While recovering from the surgery, I moved to Texas and got a taste of the real world work life. During that time I focused heavily on my body, mental and spiritual aspect of life. The year removed from football proved what I thought and that I am meant for football. It is not simply a game it is part of who I am and what I love to do. So returning to the game allowed me to appreciate every opportunity I have to put the pads on and it also allowed me to study the game more than I ever had. I dug deeper into the playbook and knew what every person on the field was suppose to do as well as what the people lined up from me were going to do. I also was able to show my versatility at times between coverage, tackling and special teams.

Q: What would your coaches and teammates say about the type of player you are?

The first thing that my coaches and teammates would say about me is that I am hard-working and determined. I would be one of the first people in and would be the last person off of the practice field. I am obsessed with my craft and improving in every facet of the game. The second thing they would say is that I am very vocal. I am vocal when I’m on the field but also off the field. I don’t just win when I make a play but I am happier when one of my teammates makes a play because nobody believes in them more than me. I thrive to make others better off of me and in return I become better from them. The last thing they would say is that I try to go above and beyond. I can take every snap of the defense yet I seriously ask to be on every special teams and even play some offense even though I know they won’t let me.

Q: When you are studying film, what are the things you focus on to improve your game?

When I study film I focus on a few key things; 1. What’s the down and distance, 2. What does the OC like to call (inside zone, play action, option routes, quick pass, etc), 3. Who is their favorite target, 4. Who lines up on my side 5. What routes does the WR have in his tool box, as well as 6. What release does he do for his routes, and last but not least 7. Where does the qb look and does he have in tales that he gives away.

Q: What separates you from the other pro prospects at your position?

What separates me from the other prospects at ANY position is that I have dealt with adversity not just in my life but in football. I haven’t been the ‘MAN’ so I have had to work for everything that I have earned and for my respect. I have learned the hard way that every person matters on a team, rather practice squad, bench or starter, they all matter. Each person has to do their part and I am outstanding at doing that. I also highly enjoy special teams so whoever gets me will get the perfect person that plays full speed in practice, special teams and on Sundays!

Q: What is your offseason plan to train and prepare for professional opportunities?

I am training at Michael Johnson Performance in Texas in preparation for any opportunity that I earn. It is not a typical plan though as I drive over 7 HOURS total each day for training. I want it and I know that nobody is just going to give it to me so I will do everything I have to, to get to where I want to get.

Q: What kind of strengths and abilities will you bring to a team that will stand out both on and off the field?

I will bring a different type of leader that no team has ever seen as well as a work ethic that will only be comparable to the late great Kobe Bryant and Tom Brady. I will also make the best of every situation and will be do whatever it takes to be the greatest at what I do.

Q: What is your final pitch to the NFL and any other pro leagues?

To all 32 teams, if you pick/sign me, you will get the hardest working, most devoted, loyal and enjoyable person you have ever met that takes no moment for granted. I understand this is a business so I am going to do everything I can to continue bringing in money and I have no problem at all playing special teams. ST is the most important part of the game and I will give it everything I have in the tank plus some to make sure that the team wins and is crowned the NFL Champions.