Name: Vernon Chevis
College: Texas A&M University Kingsville
Position: Outside Linebacker/Defensive End/Strong Safety
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 224
Twitter: @chevis44

Played in over 50 college games.

Why should a NFL team draft you?

A NFL team should draft me because I will compete and help win ball games, defensively or special teams.

Is there a particular NFL team you have always wanted to play for?


How have you prepared for the Draft and the next level mentally and physically?

Praying, training, and just taking it one day at a time. Going to class.

How has the process been leading up to the Draft, compared to how you thought it would be?

It’s been a long, but fun experience, it’s fun talking to scouts. Once the combine was over, I was able to relax.

How do you describe your style of play to NFL Scouts?

A very relentless style of play. Very high motor. Savage like.

Do you mold your game off any current or past NFL players?

Yes, Von Miller or James Harrison.

What NFL team do you think you would be the best fit for?

New Orleans, Denver, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, or Baltimore.

There’s a chance you sign as an UDFA or receive a Rookie Camp Invite, what would that be like for you?

It’ll mean the world to me and the University

Learning the playbook quickly at the next level can make or break a rookie, how will you handle it?

I’ll just work at it. Put in effort and time and I should be fine.

What has been your proudest moment on the field?

Beating Grambling State in the Cotton bowl (Prairie View, 2011)

What would it mean to you if you are drafted?

Everything, I’d love to hear my name called. That’ll be awesome