David Strickland has more honors than you can count on both hands. A 4 x All-American, 3 x USA Football All-American, 2 x All-AFCA All-American, 2 x Collegiate Punter of the Year, 2 x All-Independent, and 2 x All-Sun Conference. The only piece missing in the puzzle is his shot at the NFL.

Strickland is a 2016 graduate of Point University, an NAIA school in West Point Georgia. With a hang time of 4.7 to 5.62 seconds on punts and averaging anywhere from 44 to 50 yards, it’s an outstanding resume for a shot at the next level. To put this into perspective, the average NFL hang time is 4.44 seconds and the 2016 average for yards was around 45. “I think my statistics and video talks for itself,” says Strickland, “But I pride myself on consistency now and that separates me from others.”

Strickland trains where he played his whole career, Point University and Beulah High School. Weight training wise, Strickland lifts three to four times a week, focusing on every major aspect. On leg days, he does not worry about heavy weight, as a punter he needs to concentrate on explosion. Leg speed is key when it comes to punting and Strickland goes through speed training to work on this. Running ten miles a week for conditioning, Friday becomes a full day of mental training. “”Focus Friday,”” Strickland calls it, he begins with a fast one mile run to tire the body and then concentrates on punting while fatigued. This builds mental reliability during high pressure environments. Punting three to four times a week with a very restricted repetition count keeps Strickland’s leg healthy.

The end goal is a chance for a mini camp invite with a NFL team, however, all professional teams should take notice. His stats and honors will not fail to impress. When the opportunity arrises, Strickland says, “I’m going to take my opportunity and run with it.”