Photo by Kyle Jenkins

Name: Cooper Schroeder
School: Alderson Broaddus University
Graduation Year: 2016
Age: 23
Position: Tight End
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 255

Q: What has motivated you to continue playing football at the professional level?

The main motivator for me is the confidence in myself and my abilities that I am the best Tight End available and I belong at the next level. There’s not one person you can put me against that I won’t outwork and outsmart. I have the speed, the hands, the knowledge of the game, and the passion to keep learning, to keep getting better each day knowing that I can always improve. Every day that goes by and I think of my current situation, fuels my fire to show everyone just what I’m all about.

Q: As far as training goes, what have you done in order to stay in shape, most importantly football shape, since you graduated?

I have been training at Elite Sports & Fitness breaking down everything; footwork, technique, explosion, frame by frame film study of various drills, breathing techniques, breaking my limits, establishing new limits, and then breaking those. I also put high emphasis on hydration, dynamic and static stretching, and a healthy diet and sleep schedule.

Q: What kind of strengths and abilities would you bring to a team?

One of my biggest strengths is my knowledge of defensive schemes and fronts and how to beat them. The ability to read and react quickly to sit in a zone, to get enough width for a quick throw on a seam route in Cover 3 once I clear the OLB, to look for the “hot” throw when the defense brings pressure, body angles, releases vs. different coverages, if we have Power called and the DE is head up and the S is in the 9-tech to be aware that the DE may slant inside and if so, that I must wash him down the line for our backside G to pull and stay on his course, keeping my eyes on the flow of the W and pick him up once we cross paths. My leadership, physicality, creating separation, catching the tough throws, and making big plays are some of my biggest strengths as well.

Q: What makes you unique and seperates you from other players at your position?

My athleticism, quickness, and hands separate me from others. I lead on and off the field and I’m always looking to improve and better myself day in and day out.

Q: Why should a team sign you as a Free Agent instead of another player right out of college?

I’m better. I’m better than any draft-eligible or any other free agent guy. I’m more athletic, powerful, will make any type of catch, teachable, will be an example on and off the field, and just have an unmatched passion for this game.

Q: What is your final pitch or sell to professional scouts and teams?

I’m not perfect. My 40 time doesn’t reflect my actual top speed. I will make a difference. I’m a strong, quick, very knowledgeable football player that does anything I can to improve myself and others on and off the field. I just want to show what I got.