Armando Bonheur is continuing his football career in the Great White North for the Ottawa Redblacks of the Canadian Football League.

Bonheur, a former Samford Offensive Lineman and a 2017 Draft Prospect, had discussions with the Ottawa Redblacks and the Saskatchewan Roughriders about securing his CFL rights after Samford’s Pro Day last year. Ultimately, Ottawa received the rights to Bonheur, but he wanted to pursue his NFL dream and signed with the New York Giants as an Undrafted Free Agent before signing with the Redblacks back in July.

Although the season is now over, Bonheur got a taste of what is to come in the future with the Redblacks. “After being up there already and seeing the quality franchise that they have, the first word that comes to mind is excitement,” said Bonheur. In terms of football in the United States, most players have been taught that the end game is NFL or bust and not enough players take advantage of the international leagues providing opportunities. The CFL is the superior league outside of the United States and the Redblacks are providing Bonheur with an opportunity of a lifetime. “I have seen the amazing fan base in Ottawa and am ecstatic to put on a show for them, while showing the coaching staff and owners that they made a wise investment in my employment,” he said.

Bonheur brings leadership to the team and is the type of guy who’s going to make the right decisions both on and off the field. The Redblacks are getting a player who comes in everyday to work hard and challenges those around him to do the same. At Samford, he was a team captain and started every game during his final two seasons. He was also a two time All-SoCon Conference player for the Bulldogs. Talking about his game on the Offensive Line, he believes that Offensive Lineman contain playmaking ability, whether it be giving the Quarterback extra time, opening up a hole, or picking up a blitz. Bonheur is passionate at what he does and has proven this throughout his career.

On a fun note, Bonheur wants to bring excitement to the Redblacks. It’s not abnormal to see him sprinting down the field on a big play, wheeling an arm in celebration, screaming jubilance at the top of his lungs. “I try to bring a little swag to the Offensive Line and I’m right with the skill players in their celebrations,” he said. He likes to have fun on the field, and thinks that when guys are having fun they produce their best game. He hopes to help bring together both focus and execution, with a whole lot of fun.

Keep an eye on Armando Bonheur as he works this offseason to prepare for next season as a member of the Ottawa Redblacks.