Ryan Fernandez, Mr. Reliable

Ryan Fernandez can be thought of as Mr. Reliable. The Senior Wide Receiver from Becker College can do a little bit of everything from the slot.

The West Palm Beach, FL native describes himself from a player standpoint, as a true slot. This means he is a tough and reliable receiver who isn’t afraid to do the dirty work in between the hashes. He can drive the team down the field catching short to intermediate passes, and even the deep balls when needed. In other words, he can do a little bit of everything. This is all made possible due to Fernandez’s biggest strengths, the ability to catch the ball, and his route running, where he takes tremendous pride critiquing and correcting every route from the slot and outside positions.

Last year, Fernandez feels he had a decent season after playing in all 10 games for the Hawks, but expects more from himself going into his Senior season. As an individual, he really wants to improve his game this year to make a name for himself in the Conference and Nation. As a team, Fernandez believes the Hawks will have a great season and that everybody should be on the lookout for Becker College to disrupt their opponents. Fernandez nods their head coach, Frank Forcucci, by saying he is giving the team a formula to win, so they need to take advantage of it and buy into the program to have a special season to remember.

Improving skills on the football field does not come without hard work. This offseason, Fernandez has focused on his physical skills, mainly his speed to run quicker and more explosive routes. Along with speed, he has also spent countless hours with Quarterbacks and the jugs machine, catching the ball to become a more consistent receiver with his hands. The other skills in the game are mental. What he has taken from last year to improve this season, is to simply watch more film. He wants to watch film to the point where he will know exactly what the Defensive Backs are going to do before the snap, week in and out. With these skills and knowledge of the game, the sky is the limit for Fernandez.

As any team player should, Fernandez is more focused on team goals this season. He wants to come together as a family and win games, and they have a great chance to do that this season with their talent. Regarding personal accolades, he is setting the bar high. He would like to set Becker’s single season record for receptions, yards, and touchdowns. With God on his side, Fernandez feels that he is capable of doing anything and wants to push for greatness in his senior season and beyond.