Quinn Frisell, A Natural Leader

Every football team needs a leader, one who works hard and leads by example, and by no means are they easy to find. Augsburg University has just that, a natural leader in their Quarterback, Quinn Frisell.

Frisell prides himself on his leadership abilities, a quality that has him flourishing as a collegiate athlete. He feels he is an exceptional leader because his word is credible, he leads by example, and he always tries to be the hardest worker in anything he does. These qualities bought his teammates’ respect and trust because he always follows through and backs up what he’s saying with hard work.

As a Quarterback, one can not just rely on their mental qualities, their physical abilities help mold them into the type of player they are as well. Frisell is the kind of Quarterback who shines when extending plays by rolling out of the pocket under pressure. His focus, determination, self drive, and passion for the game combined with his ability to make throws on the run are the main reasons why he should be one of the top players in the MIAC conference for the second season in a row.

The Senior transferred to Augsburg last season, where he used his leadership and physical skills to make a serious impact for the Auggies. Frisell led the MIAC conference in many passing categories including yards, yards per game, and touchdowns after throwing for over 2,500 yards with 26 touchdowns. Now that Frisell is settled in at Augsburg and feels comfortable with the conference’s competition, he feels he can improve on his numbers and help lead his team to more victories this season.

This year, although not playing a game yet, has started off with a bang. Frisell has already been invited to College All-Star games including the Dream Bowl and the Podyum All-Star Bowl on top of receiving notification of FAF’s Preseason All-American list. He has been training with a few Quarterback coaches and teammates this offseason so he can continue to impress and lead his teammates in season to remember.