Quantaye Battle: 2020 Pro Prospect Interview

Name: Quantaye Battle
School: Virginia Union
Position: DB
Height:  6’3″
Weight: 210

Q: What goals did you set and/or accomplish in your final collegiate season?

I just wanted to win a Championship, things didn’t fall in our favor this year but that’s okay. A few personal goals I set this year was to just get better with my off man coverage and be more vocal which I feel I did well with this season.

Q: What would your coaches and teammates say about the type of player you are?

They would say I am very passionate and about the team. I’ll lay my body on the line for my team without them having to ask. I hate to lose so they know I’ll do whatever to win.

Q: When you are studying film, what do you focus on to improve your game?

When I’m studying film I first want to point out my opponent’s tendencies. I want to see what the OC likes to call in certain situations, or if one of the line tip the play letting me know if it’s a run or pass. I also pay a lot of attention to a coaches playcalls on the first drive of the game and first drive coming out the half because they are usually script. Coaches usually already know what plays they are going to call before the game and coming out of the half, which can give me an advantage.

Q: What separates you from the other pro prospects at your position?

I have a different type of love for this game. I don’t do this for any recognition or to be known, a lot of prospects want to buy the fancy cars and nice things, but I do this because I really need this, I have a family to take care of and when I’m out there that’s what’s on my mind, so my drive is on a whole another level. I feel as style or play hasn’t been seen in a while and I only can improve.

Q: What is your offseason plan to train and prepare for professional opportunities?

I will be Training at The St. James Sports Complex with one of the best, Myron Flowers. The plan is really basic just keep my faith in God and put my head down and Grind. Everything else will handle itself.

Q: What kind of strengths and abilities will you bring to a team that will stand out both on and off the field?

My strengths is my size, IQ, and versatility. By me being a bigger DB most DCs can plug me anywhere on the field like LB or CB as well as Safety. I’m also a born winner and leader so I feel like having a guy like that in the locker-room always gives you a better chance to win

Q: What is your final pitch to the NFL or any other pro leagues?

Bringing me in as a part of your organization will be a decision you won’t regret. You will be receiving a God fearing man who won’t complain and will come in everyday ready to compete and get better.