Nick Holshoe, Building His Resume

Nick Holshoe made an immediate impact in his rookie season of playing football overseas. The former All-Conference Strong Safety from Concordia University Ann Arbor spent the season in Florence, Italy playing for Guelfi Firenze of the Federazione Italiana Di American Football (FIDAF).

The decision to play overseas was a simple one for Holshoe. When he received the offer, he had to take it in order to build his resume and continue expressing his passion and love for the game. The fact that he got to spend a season in Italy, playing the game he loves, did not hurt the cause either. His coach, Brett Morgan, and the Guelfi Organization, welcomed him in with open arms on and off the field to make the cultural transition easy. “Coach Brett, being a previous scout in NFL/CFL, did months of thorough scouting on me and ultimately decided that Guelfi was a great fit,” said Holshoe. Playing overseas allowed Holshoe to see the quality and his love of the game at a new perspective. He had a lot of pressure relying on his performance and leadership daily and he couldn’t have asked for a better role as a leader in Italy.

Even though the pressure was high, due to the fact that the team only had two spots to use on American players, Holshoe did not disappoint. In the 6 games he played in, he expressed his pursuit to the ball with 51 tackles, 2 blocked kicks, 1 forced fumble, and 1 interception. Unfortunately, due to a compound fracture and dislocation of the thumb, he missed four games of the season, but that did not stop his leadership on and off the field.

Holshoe is now looking for an opportunity to play with a professional team in the States. Now that his health is back to 100% after the only injury he has had in 16 years of football, he is eager to get back on the field to make up for the lost time. He is currently training with one of his biggest mentors, David Lawrence. “Dave has true passion for strength and conditioning, especially for the sport of football. He has been a huge influence on my diet, speed, strength, and overall being, to prepare for the next level of football” said Holshoe. Lawrence was a former Central Michigan football player that now trains athletes in over 20 principles from the NFL, NHL, and more.

Due to the versatility Holshoe can bring to the table, he believes professional leagues, especially the AAF, should sign him to a contract. His tape shows that he is a thorough run stopping Safety with relentless pursuit and a hustle player who is also a great addition to special teams. He is a sure tackler, has great ball skills, and is a threat to create turnovers every time he steps on the field. He thrives off of the big time moments to make big time plays and looks forward to adversity on the field. Holshoe is a player that strives to adapt and overcome, an asset to any team.