Ka’Ronce Higgins: 2019 Draft Prospect Interview

Name: Ka’Ronce Higgins
School: Southern Arkansas
Position: WR
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 190

Q: What goals did you accomplish heading into your final collegiate season?

One of my personal goals was to be one of the best receivers in all of Dll. I honestly think I accomplished that with being a top ten finalist for the Harlon Hill award. While I was focused on that goal I also broke two school records in receptions and receiving yards in my career with 191 and over 3,000 yards.

Q: What would your coaches say about the type of player you are?

Fun, energetic, physical leadership, amazing athlete, coachable, helpful teammate, and a very quiet person.

Q: When you are studying film, what do you focus on to improve your game?

When I’m watching film I mostly focus on the defense’s favorite coverages and tendencies of the DBs, so I could know which releases to use in certain situations of the game.

Q: What separates you from the other players at your position?

My knowledge of what the DB is going to do and I would say my speed and my ability to come out of my cuts.

Q: How will you train and prepare this offseason for the draft or other pro opportunities?

I will focus on my skilled position work and specifically getting better separation out of my breaks. Right now I’m with the track team doing speed work. However, I am enrolled at Southern Arkansas for spring semester, so when I’m not in class, I will be in the weight room and on the field as much as I can.

Q: What kind of strengths and abilities will you bring to a team that will stand out both on and off the field?

The strengths that I can bring to a team is that I can be a great teammate on off the field and also just my overall knowledge for the game and my athletic ability. I know speed is important and that is one of my weapons. I create separation and I get open. I’m very coachable and I’m great at communicating and helping others.

Q: What is your final pitch or sell to NFL and other pro league scouts?

I’m not doing this for myself! All I need is an opportunity. I’ve done nothing but pray and prepare for something like this my whole life. Any team that takes me on will not regret it! I’m coming with nothing less than 100% effort.