Growing up in California, Garrett was a three sport athlete throughout high school and played junior college football at Laney JC in Oakland. In addition to baseball and basketball, Anderson enjoyed playing football when he was growing up for the intensity of the sport. He did not spend much time playing quarterback until later on because he enjoyed being able to hit and tackle the other players.

The contact aspect of the sport was something that he really enjoyed and taught him to be tough. He considers himself a late bloomer in terms of his size, and he has also been able to put on quite a bit of weight since he graduated from high school. He was not recruited by major schools after high school and he used it as a motivational challenge.

Anderson, and his coaches believe that he has the ability and toughness to continue playing at the next level and is ready to showcase his skills. His coaches have said that he has more value than most backup quarterbacks, and he has the in-game smarts and knowledge to make an impact. Having played numerous positions growing up, Anderson has versatility that other graduating quarterbacks might lack.

“My greatest asset is the ability to extend plays and make throws down the field,” he said. He can truly set himself apart from other quarterback prospects that may fit the pocket passer or scrambler type since he has game experience playing other positions. His toughness and versatility could prove to be an asset to many NFL organizations looking for athletic and all-around players to fill out summer rosters.

Anderson has proven not only his ability to play when given the opportunity, but also his character with a team-first mentality throughout his career. He has played on special teams, served as a backup quarterback, and played an instrumental part in the Huskies upset win over Houston in 2015.

He was thrown into action after the first string quarterback was injured, and he threw for a touchdown and also caught a pass that helped cement UConn’s victory.

Many players now have the opportunity to play different positions based on improved scouting methods, and Anderson could have a great opportunity to make noise based on his athleticism and work ethic.

Many NFL teams view recruits with an open mind and leave the door open for anyone who is willing to put in the work to get better. Anderson has shown that he will put in the work and has the football smarts to compete at the next level. A true competitor he looks forward to the challenge of playing with some of the best talent in the country.

Outside of his football life he enjoys spending time with his wife, family, and playing Xbox when he has a rare free moment.