The Gridiron Crew represents football athletes at the CFL (CFLPA Certified) and advises football athletes at the USFL, XFL, Arena, Indoor, and International levels. As a member of The Gridiron Crew family, we can offer the services to help find you a professional football contract, marketing, branding, game film, advising, and more. Sit back and worry about perfecting your craft, leave the rest to us. We will work together to help further your football career.

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If you want to become one of The Gridiron Crew’s Clients at the CFL (We are CFLPA Certified), USFL, XFL, Arena, Indoor, and International levels, fill out the form below. You must have excelled at college football to be considered. If we have an open spot and are ultimately interested in working with you, we will reach back out to you via email. Note* we are not NFLPA Certified.

Some of The Gridiron Crew’s Past Clients

“Being a member of the gridiron crew has been a big boost for me and my career. It allowed me to focus on my craft and train harder and prepare for any opportunity presented to myself. Colin does a great job of always communicating any updates, and is constantly working to not only find opportunities playing ball, but also other business opportunities that come along with playing professional football. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to sign with TGC and am excited about our future plans.” -Donte’ Colum

Teams: West Texas Warbirds – CIF

“The Gridiron Crew was absolutely instrumental in my transition from a college football player to becoming a professional. The pre-draft interview I did with them set in motion a series of events helping me get my foot in the door with professional organizations and ultimately led me to signing my first professional contract in Europe. I have since gone on to play Arena Football, with the Spring League and most recently in Mexico. I cannot say enough positive things about them and how important they have been to my football career.” -Oscar Scott

Teams: Bydgoszcz Archers – Poland, Blues – TSL, Salina Liberty – CIF